Are Online Casino Games Legit?

If you are a new player looking at the option of betting online, then the questioning of the games is only natural. We are here to help explain what these online games are and how they come to be legitimate entities of the casinos online. Have no doubt that what you can play is in no way fixed or rigged.

Start Finding a Legitimate Casino

To have access to legit games and slots, you need a legit platform to acquire them. There are many rules and codes of conduct that a casino must respect in order to be in business. They are always under the watchful eye of those who license them and those who independently regulate them as a business. Right here you will find such sites that meet the online gambling laws here in South Africa. They are licensed establishments performing a legitimate service to players. By picking casinos from the top 10 list offered, you are in the best possible hands to play games from and feel what fair gameplay is really like from trusted online casinos.

Fair Play Gaming on Slots and Live Casino Games

Are there dodgy games online? 100%! It would be insulting to tell you that the Internet is void of illegal and suspicious website and the casino industry has had a fair share of them, though we must stress, these sites went up with zero licenses in place and took advantage of unaware people. If you click here, you are able to obtain sites that are legally approved and certified and thusly, you have access to games that are completely fair and honest.

The make-up of the slots is also tested. Games are built with algorithmic programming which is checked to perform fairly. The games are in no way fixed to benefit the casinos but to make the games fair for all the different types of players trying their luck to win. For example, there is an RNG algorithm, otherwise known as the Random Number Generator. The slot machine using this algorithm works like this.

Upon each spin of the reels, the symbols of the slot are designated a serial number, the algorithms then produce a series of numbers in milliseconds, if the numbers match when the rotation of the reels comes to an end, you essentially unlock the prize and win.

To be fair for players, these random sequences cannot be manipulated with what money goes into the machine, so if you spend R1,000, your chances are just the same as the player spending less.

Fairness is everywhere, even with online table games streamed live, cards are rotated, the game is real and can be watched, there is no way a player, dealer or casino could ever cheat in this situation to come out victorious by bend any rules.

Benefits of Playing Games Online

There are many benefits to playing online where it is safe, secure and fair. Access is instant from any device. The convenience of mobile gaming is already gripping the industry that is seeing bigger membership numbers than ever before. The range of games are also jaw-dropping with over 1000 per casino to be enjoyed.

Inside of land-based casinos, there is a risk of illegitimate practice, cabinets can be manipulated in the programming, machines can be tampered with credit card reading devices. Casinos can use weighted dice and a host of other tricks that cannot happen when playing games because of it being fully digital and tested every month randomly.